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Spring Trends

This trend has been around for a while and its so chic that it is understandable why this has been around for so long. My only concern is that you need to wear something under it so that you are showing off the garment instead of your underwear or less!
So much craftsmanship goes into the pieces and it makes a person feel like they are wearing a piece of art. This trend wont be going away anytime soon.
If you walk into almost any store in your local mall you will see that this trend has ravaged the racks. Neon clothing can make anyone look tanner than they are, after a while of getting used to the very bright colors this trend will soon ravage your closet as well.
This trend recently began showing up in stores and on the runway. I already have a few pieces myself. Some think it is too much of a risk but it is worth it! Compliments will be flowing in your general direction in return for taking that risk.
I absolutely love this trend. The mixture of red and blue, the stripes, the rope accessories, it is all so chic