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My Secret Obsession: Fringe


I just recently started obsessing over fringe and I have no explanation why, maybe its the movement , or maybe its the timelessness…

Outfit 1
My Secret Obsession: Fringe part 1

Starting off soft, these purses are a perfect pop of color and style to this plain black dress and flats. I LOVE IT

Outfit 2

I love love love this outfit, the sweater is gorgeous and the blue bracelet is the same fabric as the fringe on the sweater as well as a pop of color. The tie up ankle booties also add a pinch of edge to the whole outfit.

Outfit 3

This is my favorite out of the three outifts and there’s a reason why. Movement to an outfit is an amazing addition, every loves to twirl in a pretty skirt or dress. The shoes also have frillies on them which adds to the already budding femininity of this dress. The shirt was kind of bland so I added a fringe-looking necklace.

-Jordan ❤