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About glam the wright way

Hi! I am a student, currently attending high school and I believe that today most people think that money is the key to obtaining a developed sense of style, which is not true. This blog will give you inspiration to make something out of nothing. I hope that you can take what you learn from it and develop an interest in fashion like I have had for some time.

Website Review:


I recently found a website where everything is under $5.99. I was worried if the quality would be satisfactory, so I ordered a cute sweater(picture below). It came within the time frame given to me and I was pleasantly surprised. The quality was fairly good considering what I payed for it (around the quality of Forever 21 clothing). The shipping was not expensive either, I think it was $4. is based out of California, so there is no overseas shipping which is amazing. Overall, I trust this website, but make sure to shop smart when shopping online and take all of your measurements to make sure the items with fit correctly. I will definitely buy from this website again.


Happy shopping,

Jordan ūüôā



Sorry guys!

I know it has been a year since I have posted on this blog. I have been extremely busy trying to survive my junior year of high school. Anyway, I have recently found some inspiration and have decided to change the theme of some of my posts. I would like to make a post containing my daily outfit. Please stay posted! I promise not to leave this blog behind again.



Fashion Secrets

                                                   Maxi skirts make your legs look longer, especially if they have a slit.
                                                    Circle skirts give anyone who wears them an hourglass shape.
                                       The cutoff of the top portion of the dress gives the appearance of a smaller waist.

Bathing Suits For Your Body

These awesome bottoms are perfect if you have a curvy bottom, they do not ride up or fall.
The little details lift your tush and make it stand out!
These skirts sit low and show off your midsection. They are also very flirty so you wont regret it.
These tops add more to your bust and help you feel super confident walking down the beach or just floating in your pool.
The ruching on the these tops grabs you in exactly the right places, showing of the slimmest part of your tummy.
For Full Busts
The boning and support that these tops have will not let you down. Your bust will not be overflowing or falling out of your bathing suit.

Spring Trends

This trend has been around for a while and its so chic that it is understandable why this has been around for so long. My only concern is that you need to wear something under it so that you are showing off the garment instead of your underwear or less!
So much craftsmanship goes into the pieces and it makes a person feel like they are wearing a piece of art. This trend wont be going away anytime soon.
If you walk into almost any store in your local mall you will see that this trend has ravaged the racks. Neon clothing can make anyone look tanner than they are, after a while of getting used to the very bright colors this trend will soon ravage your closet as well.
This trend recently began showing up in stores and on the runway. I already have a few pieces myself. Some think it is too much of a risk but it is worth it! Compliments will be flowing in your general direction in return for taking that risk.
I absolutely love this trend. The mixture of red and blue, the stripes, the rope accessories, it is all so chic

My Secret Obsession: Fringe


I just recently started obsessing over fringe and I have no explanation why, maybe its the movement , or maybe its the timelessness…

Outfit 1
My Secret Obsession: Fringe part 1

Starting off soft, these purses are a perfect pop of color and style to this plain black dress and flats. I LOVE IT

Outfit 2

I love love love this outfit, the sweater is gorgeous and the blue bracelet is the same fabric as the fringe on the sweater as well as a pop of color. The tie up ankle booties also add a pinch of edge to the whole outfit.

Outfit 3

This is my favorite out of the three outifts and there’s a reason why. Movement to an outfit is an amazing addition, every loves to twirl in a pretty skirt or dress. The shoes also have frillies on them which adds to the already budding femininity of this dress. The shirt was kind of bland so I added a fringe-looking necklace.

-Jordan ‚̧

New Trend: Embellished Collars

Pop of color

Embellished top

H M short mini skirt

Mel flat oxford

Forever 21 stretch jewelry

Dorothy Perkins buckle belt
I love this outfit because of the new trend that has shown itself which is the embellished collar. To dress successfully one has to know how to incorporate color into her wardrobe. If your outfit consists of mostly blacks, whites, and  grays then you need to find a way to put a bright colored belt, headband, purse, pair of shoes, etc  into the mix. The embellishment on the color is an added bonus to the already wonderful look. The shirt is buttoned all the way up to the neck but this balanced out the amount or skin you show so leave it buttoned up. The oxfords add a classical twist to the rocker vibe created by the embellished collar and bracelet.

Deal Of the Day!!!!



Dress: Forever 21, $13.50


Cardigan: Forever 21, Tights: Windsor, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Charlotte Russe

This is a great outfit for anyplace from school to the mall. Wear the cardigan open over the dress with these adorable polka dot tights and classy oxfords. The necklace puts the final touch on it to give this outfit just the right amount of glam!!!

-Jordan ūüôā


First Post!!


Hi!!! ¬†I’m soo excited to be doing this blog! So this is my first post and I just what to tell you what this blog is gonna be about! It will consist of outfits and beauty ideas for the person on a budget like myself. I hope this inspires you to go out there and find chic outfits for yourself that won’t make you basically throw your wallet into a pit of fire for one item of clothing.

-Jordan ūüôā